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Q. Should strip- cutting by retail pharmacists be banned ?
Community Pharmacy Division

The Community Pharmacy denotes the Pharmacy services in the Community centers for general public. The Community Pharmacy Division aims to offer healthcare to group of people with emphasis on prescription and related matters including the medication. The Community Pharmacists are the most accessible source of information about drugs, medication and related aspects. The concept of Community Pharmacy is very developed in other countries. Taking note of this, Indian Pharmaceutical Association created a division to make the Pharmacists aware of their role in the community.
Office bearers
 Names  Positions
 Manjiri Gharat  Chairman
 Raj Vaidya  Immediate Past
 Dr. Guru Prasad Mohanta  Vice - Chairman
 Mr. Satish M. Shah  Hon. Secretary
 Mr. Ratnadeep Kurtarkar  Treasurer
 Mr. Dixon Thomas  Member
 Mr. Pradeep Mishra  Member
 Mr. Sagar Kulkarni  Member
 Mr. Pravin Vekaria  Member
 Mr. Raghavan N.  Member
 Ms. Anita Bhishikar  Member CEC Nominee
 Satish Vij  Member CEC Nominee
 Mr. Nitin Maniar  Member from State Branch
 Mr. Santosh Ghodinde  Member from State Branch
Community Pharmacy Division Report
National Pharmacy Week - 2014. Theme "Responsible use of Medicines : Role of Pharmacist"
TB Training Module for Community Pharmacists
IPA CPD E-Times Volume 5
IPA CPD E-Times Volume 4
IPA CPD E-Times Volume 3
IPA CPD E-Times Volume 2
Code of Pharmaceutical Ethics
Accreditation of Pharmacies
TB Fact Card Project
Good Pharmacy Practice Manual
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