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Q. Should strip- cutting by retail pharmacists be banned ?
Awards and Fellowship
Eminent Pharmacist Award

To recognize a Pharmacist of Indian origin for his/her outstanding contributions towards the advancement of pharmaceutical profession covering any of the fields of pharmacy namely:

a)  Pharmaceutical Education.
b)  Pharmaceutical Research
c)  Industrial Pharmacy
d)  Community and Retail Pharmacy
e)  Regulatory Affairs
f)   Hospital and Clinical Pharmacy
g)  Any other area connected with Health Care Program


Major merit considerations based on which the recommended candidates/nominees could be rated for the recognition and receiving award are given here:

a)  Outstanding contribution towards the advancement of Pharmacy Education.
b)  Leadership role in curriculum development of the Pharmacy Education Program.
c)  Sharing of expertise and involvement in programs dealing with professional growth      like continuing education and career development.
d)  Promotion of Industry - Academic Interaction.

a)  Innovations and substantial improvements made in connection with the      development of a New Drug/New Drug Delivery System having marketing potential or      technological/quality improvement of an existing drug or its dosage form or its      delivery system.
b)  Publication of research articles in recognized journals.
c)  Continuous involvement in development of drugs and medicinal products.

a)  Outstanding contribution in management and development of Pharmaceutical      industry.
b)  Technological improvements and involvement in development of drugs and medicinal      products.
c)  Involvement in process development leading to economic production of quality and      effective medicines.
d)  Active participation in the Quality Assurance Program and GMP related activities.
e)  Involvement in development of regulatory standards of drug and medicinal products.
f)   Active participation in development of newer analytical methods and/or analytical      instruments.

a)  Involvement in improving health care delivery systems and contributions towards the     improvement of distribution/dispensing system through sound business and      management practices.
b)  Involvement in delivering pharmacy services to the community at grass root levels.
c)  Participation in continuing education programs for the improvement of pharmacy      practices and services.

a)  Involvement in development of regulatory standards of drugs and medicines.
b)  Active role in enforcement of laws relating to manufacture and distribution of      drugs and medicinal products.
c)  Outstanding contribution towards the healthcare/socio-economic programs of      community, raising the level of literacy on matters concerning drug abuse, nutrition      and environmental programs and in areas of current social/health interest.

a)  Notable contributions towards the improvement of hospital/clinical pharmacy.
b)  Promotion of interaction between medicos, pharmacists, nursing staff and patients.
c)  Active participation in Family planning programs organised by National/International      institutions.

a)    Outstanding achievement in the development of medical sciences,medical appliances, and such other areas related to the improvement in public health.
b)  Outstanding contributions towards the health care program conducted by recognised      organisation / institution/ recognised authorities.

3.0 The proposer is requested to provide following information regarding nominated candidates.
A bio-data of the nominee may be attached to cover minimum required information to be presented to the Selection Committee.

Annexure I gives guidelines for nominating a candidate for this prestigious award.

The recommended candidate/nominee should have/be :- (Provide Details)
1.  Basic Qualification a) Degree in Pharmacy/Pharma Tech.
2.  Minimum of 20 years experience in selected field.
3.  Achievements in advance sciences/administration.
4.  Member Indian Pharmaceutical Association of good standing for at least 20 years.
5.  Services rendered on the Executive Council of IPA Centre or any of its branche in the
     capacity as :a) President b) Hon. Secretary/Editor of official publication(s) of IPA. c)
     Executive Council Member.
6.  Received recognition from any other professional association including industry/trade
7.  Received recognition from any international/national government authorities or
     prestigious institutions by way of award or membership on their constituted
8.  Performed/Participated in growth/improvement of any of the field of pharmacy, and
     shown creditable leadership in the chosen field.
9.  Received recognition for outstanding achievements in social welfare from national / 
     international institution.
10. Any notable achievement(s) for which the person is nominated for the award.

IPA Office (Centre) may be approached to obtain required information, if not available with the proposer.

4.0 Selection Committee
4.1  The President with the approval of the CEC shall constitute a Selection Committee
       consisting of five (5) members, which shall include President, two Eminent
       Pharmacists and two senior members of CEC.

4.2  The term of the Selection Committee will be for two years from April 2004.

4.3  The Hon. Gen. Secretary of IPA shall be the Member Secretary and shall assist the
       Chairman and the Selection Committee in organizing and performing his/her duties.

5.0 The Eminent Pharmacist Award shall include
The Scroll/ Citation & Rs 25,000/- Cash

The Eminent Pharmacist Award shall be presented to the Awardee at the inaugural function of IPC normally held in December. In case where an Awardee is unable to attend the function, the Award shall be given to the Awardee at an appropriate function organized by IPA.

Please forward the nomination of an eligible candidate in the prescribed format on or before 30th September

Recipients of Eminent Pharmacist Awards

 Year  Name
 1993  Shri A.V. Mody
 1994  Shri Ramanbhai B. Patel
 1995  Dr. J.N. Benerjee
 1996  Dr. Parvinder Singh
 1997  Prof. Premchand Dandiya
 1998  Dr.S.Rohatgi
 1999  Prof. Harkishan Singh
 2000  Mr. P.D. Sheth
 2001  Prof. C. K. Kokate
 2002  Dr. C. L. Kaul
 2003  Mr. Devinder Pal
 2004  Dr. H. P. Tipnis
 2005  Dr. P.M. Naik
 2006  C. Gopalakrishna Murty
 2007  Dr. D. B. A. Narayana
 2008  Prof. K. Chinnaswamy
 2009  Subodh Priolkar
 2010  Dr. Prem Kumar Gupta
 2011  Prof. V.B. Desai
 2012  Dr. B. Suresh
 2013  Dr. Rao V.S.V. Vadlamudi
 2014  Mr. Pankaj Patel
 2016  Dr. T.V. Narayana
 2017  Dr. R.N. Gupta
 2018  Dr. M.K. Raina
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