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Q. Should strip- cutting by retail pharmacists be banned ?
IPA Students’ Forum (Students’ Division)

IPA-SF is a national forum for pharmacy students under the Indian Pharmaceutical Association. It aims to bring all pharmacy students under one umbrella so that their energies can be synergized to make a difference. This will enable them to become better future pharmacists while abiding with the highest ethical and professional standards. This will catalyzing their overall development, honing their academic, leadership and professional skills for their benefit in turn the profession and thus health of INDIA. Activities of IPA-Student Forum are guided by esteemed personalities of Indian pharma world like:

Nitin N. Maniar (Hon. Treasurer - Indian Pharmaceutical Association, Maharashtra State Branch
T V Narayana (Chairperson IPA Education division)
• T K Ravi (IPA ED) • Shri Ramesh (IPA C.E.C)

Aims and Objectives:

  1. To serve as a platform for all the pharmacy students in India to come together and explore their absolute potential.
  2. To contribute in improving status of Pharmacy profession.
  3. To represent students' views on pharmacy curriculum.
  4. To contribute towards improving health care in India.
  5. To fuel the potential of recent graduates and young pharmacists, as enthusiastic agents of professional and social change.
  6. To promote leadership amongst members while abiding the highest professional and ethical standards.
  7. To promote social and professional contact amongst young pharmacist fostering intercultural competence and professional development.
  8. To participate in pharmacy policy development in a pro-active way.
  9. To establish, maintain and expand a national and world wide network of Pharmacy students.
  10. To give the students an exposure to international pharmacy scenario.
   Panache Biz- MSB - Students Forum.
Activities of IPA SF
 Activity  Duration
 T B awareness Campaigns  Sep - April
 Blood Donation Campaigns  Sep - April
 AIDS Awareness campaign (IPSF Project)  1st Dec
 Anti Tobacco campaign (IPSF Project)  31st May
 Anti Diabetes Campaign (IPSF Project)  26th Nov
 World Health Day  7th April
 Essay Writing  Dec – Feb
 PPAC  Sep - April
 LIT  IPA-SC/IPA Convention
 IPASF World Edu.  Sep - April
 NPW  November
 Panache Live  Sep - April
 Student Exchange Program  Sep - April
IPA-SF Council:
Mentors - IPA Education Division
 Dr T.V.Narayana
 Dr Divakar Goli
Exceutive Council Proposed Students Contact Email Address
Chair person Mr. Rahul Lad
Vice Chair Person Mr. Bharath Vikas
Hon. Secretary Ms. Forum Jalundhwala
Join. Secretary Ms. Anusha Rao
Editorial Team Mr. K. Srinivas, Ms. V. Kavya, Mr. Raj Shekhar
Students Exchange Officer Mr. Munawar Ali
Public Relations Officer Mr. Dhaval Sanchala
Pubilc Health Officer (North) Mr. Akshay Paleri
Pubilc Health Officer (South) Mr. Hrishikesh Jagtap
Pharmacy Education Officer (North) Mr. Amyn Sopariwala
Contact Person Ms. Kavya Choudary

Students are also encouraged to join our yahoo e- groups:

Students can also join us on Facebook and Orkut
Face book:

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