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Awards and Fellowship
IPA ACG SciTech Innovation Awards

Indian Pharmaceutical Association (IPA) and ACG Worldwide (ACG) & SciTech (SciTech Centre) is pleased to collaborate in announcing awards for the best innovations in the development of Solid Dosage Forms and packaging of pharmaceuticals of the year.

These awards will be given to either an Individual / or a group/ or a company, who/which has made a significant contribution towards obtaining a better understanding into the development and/or for developing unique oral solid dosage forms, such as tablets, capsules, pellets, sprinkles, granules, sachets etc. and for developing unique packaging of pharmaceutical formulations.

The purpose of these awards is to encourage and recognise an individual or a group or a company for efforts in bringing innovative solid dosage formulations and packaging of pharmaceuticals formulations.

Award categories:
1)  Best Innovative Development of a Solid Dosage Form of the year
2)  Best Innovative Packaging of Pharmaceutical Formulations

a)  To recognize outstanding contributions in the development of solid dosage forms
b)  To promote innovations in packaging of Pharmaceutical Formulations


An individual/a group/a company meeting the below mentioned criteria may  apply for the award.

1 Best Innovative Development of Solid Dosage Form of the year :
a)  The development should be innovative with creativity
b)  The innovation should be fundamental yet practical
c)  The nominee should provide characteristic features of the innovative  Solid Dosage Form, along with documentary evidence for its stability and  uniqueness
d)  The innovation should address an unmet scientific need related to Indian  population/a disease or meeting special demands of the region 

2 Best Innovative Packaging of Pharmaceutical Formulations :
a)  Should possess unique features
b)  The packaging should be innovative with creativity. 
c)  The nominee should provide the characteristic features of the packaging
d)  Suggestive or implemented packaging system should increase the quality  of medicine for better therapeutic benefits. 
e)  Documentary evidence should be provided to prove that the medicinal  product remains stable for the expected shelf life mentioned on the  label in new package. 

Awards: Each award carries a Memento and a Cash award of Rs. 100,000/‐

Specific eligibility criteria: 
Nomination of candidate/s –An individual can send only one nomination for  each category but a group or a company may file up to a maximum of two  nominations in each category with the following details. 
a)  Detailed bio-data / company introduction
b)  Statement of purpose with description of the innovation
c)  Two dummy samples of the package
d)  Name and contact details along with mailing address
e)  Person of any age can apply
f)  Office bearers of IPA Center and employees of ACG Worldwide are not  eligible to apply for the award.  
Selection of award
An Award Committee constitued with experts will decide the awardees based  on a set of criteria and evaluation parameters.    All deliberations will be in private and IPA will not disclose the reasons for an  Award  being  declined.  Any  attempt  to  canvas  directly  or  indirectly  with  members of the committee will disqualify the nomination. The committee’s  decision on all matters will be final.

Last date of submission of nomination is 15th October

A hard copy of the nominations for the awards may please be sent to, 
The Member Secretary, 
IPA ACG-SCITECH Awards Committee 
Indian Pharmaceutical Association, 
Kalina, Santacruz (East), 
Mumbai - 400 098

A soft copy of nominations shall be sent on with a  caption IPA ACG – SCITECH Awards. 

1. Best Innovative Development of Solid Dosage Form Award for the year 2016 - Rubicon Research Pvt. Ltd.
2. Best Innovative Packaging for Solid Dosage Form Award for the year 2016 - Glenmark Pharmaceuticals Limited
3. Special Recognition in Best Innovative Development of Solid Dosage Form Award for the year 2016 - Anand Pharmacy College

1. Best Innovative Development of Solid Dosage Form Award for the year 2017 - Jamia Hamdard Institute of Chemical Technology.
2. Best Innovative Packaging for Solid Dosage Form Award for the year 2017 - Abbott Healthcare (P) Ltd.

1. Best Innovative Development of Solid Dosage Form Award for the year 2018 – National Institute of Pharmaceutical Education and Research (NIPER)
2. Best Innovative Packaging for Solid Dosage Form Award for the year 2018 – Aurobindo Pharma Ltd.
3. Promising Innovation in Solid Dosage Form Award for the year 2018 – Bombay College of Pharmacy
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